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Our history

Since 1948, Rifai has stayed true to its tradition of providing its customers with an authentic experience.

From humble beginnings on Beirut's Mazraa Street, offering home-roasted nuts and kernels to the Lebanese, Rifai has made the snacking experience an iconic symbol of Lebanese culture with pride and know-how.

Over the years, the brand has become an industry leader with a legacy built on quality, taste, innovation and a commitment to promoting the best Lebanon can offer.

Rifai's extensive selection of locally produced products offers a variety of flavors for every occasion and lifestyle. The state-of-the-art factory is home to over 200 employees who work tirelessly to create a wide range of products that elevate the snacking experience.


Our goals

We aim to offer a unique snacking experience by sharing our passion for Lebanese snacks and nuts worldwide.

We produce high-quality and authentic nuts and kernels that add unique flavors to everyday or festive moments. Combining our rich Lebanese heritage with our commitment to innovation, we offer the most suitable products for every lifestyle.


Our values

Heritage: Since our establishment in 1948, we have become a globally recognized symbol of high-quality Lebanese snacks. Our deep roots, rich history and loyalty to traditional recipes fill us with great pride.

Quality: Our all-natural range uses the highest quality ingredients and meets international quality control and testing standards.

Variety: With an offer of 800 unique products, our diverse selection of goods tries to satisfy all tastes and preferences.

Innovation: Through relentless innovation and a passion for surpassing ourselves, we constantly update our product catalog while surprising our customers with new offerings.

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Let's work together!

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Find us if you can speak English and want to work in our nut boutique!

Our current positions:

Nut boutique sales person - Aréna Mall (we welcome applications from students who speak basic English)

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